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You are now part of the Solution and will get recognition for being circular


You are committed to fostering, measuring, and improving your social and environmental performance. When you list your business, it opens the door to networking with similar businesses to help find authentic supply chains, create value from waste and build collaborative action toward gaining recognition for your valuable intention.

This cooperative has been created to support your circular business through public recognition that identifies with our Masterbrand campaign that educates the public about the value of the circular economy principles. Our goal is to develop relationships of trust through ensuring transparency of all products and services offered in this directory.

The key principles below guide business practices of our members:
⦁ Work together throughout the supply chain, internally within organizations and with the public sector to increase transparency and create joint value
⦁ Consider opportunities to create greater value and align incentives through business models that build on the interaction between products and services.
⦁ Utilise waste streams as a source of secondary resources and recover waste for reuse and recycling.
⦁ While resources are in-use, maintain, repair and upgrade them to maximize their lifetime and give them a second life through take back strategies when applicable.
⦁ Ensure renewable, reusable, non-toxic resources are utilised as materials and energy in an efficient way.
⦁ Account for the systems perspective during the design process, to use the right materials, to design for appropriate lifetime and to design for extended future use.
⦁ Track and optimize resource use and strengthen connections between supply chain actors through digital, online platforms and technologies that provide insights. 
⦁ Develop research, structure knowledge, encourage innovation networks and disseminate findings with integrity.

We ask that you fill out this survey to help us better understand your products and services. Once we review your submission you will be notified regarding your approval and can then create your listings. 
You will be contacted by a weRcircular Ambassador to verify your business authenticity. Their role is to support you and ensure that you succeed in your circular journey toward public recognition. They will also be socializing and teaching the public in your local area about the circular economy. If you become a cooperative member they will also invite you to networking opportunities for business, connecting you with our circular consultants and spotlighting your business in their local marketing campaigns.
You can choose from 3 tiers to post your listings.
⦁ Free listing – posted with one store location, 1 image and 1 video
⦁ Featured listing – posted with multiple store locations, 6 images and 3 videos - $10 monthly, $75 annually
⦁ Membership listing - posted with multiple store locations, 6 images and 3 videos, circular business consultation services, resource network opportunities, spotlight business story in our Masterbrand campaign, use of our Masterbrand advertising templates – see info below. $50 monthly, $400 annually


How we support your circular business

Our co-operative membership model gives you will have the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the Masterbrand campaigns that drive recognition for business who embrace these values in their products and services. The messaging educates the public on circular economy principles and gives your business exposure to the public who are interested in learning how to support the circular economy.

Our marketing packages complement your current marketing strategy by enhancing your recognition as a circular product or service. Our intention is to honour your brand yet give you the added boost of belonging to the higher-level message of the importance of being circular.

See an outline of the Marketing packages here.