Pivot is an online platform and research initiative out of the University of McGill.

Pivot believes that a key part of becoming a sustainable society involves the involvement and contribution of Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs). And when it comes to making change happen, Pivot works with the view that it isn’t expert opinions and academic papers that reach SMEs, but instead, peer-to-peer support and community building.

On Pivot you are encouraged to share not only your success but also your challenges, frustrations, and problems.

This way, other SMEs in similar situations can connect with you to provide innovative solutions or just to bounce ideas off of.

Circular Regions

Bridging top-down and bottom-up via a suite of practical and effective tools and resources.

  • Data-driven
  • Multi-stakeholder
  • Mission-oriented
  • Place-based

Enabling digital infrastructure and new standards for best-practice mapping while empowering networks of communities with a shared intelligence.

Circular Economy Clubs of Canada

Circular Economy Clubs of Canada voluntarily unites the CEC activities of Canada’s city clubs. The clubs are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about and helping to support the transition towards a circular economy.

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the non-profit arm of its parent organization, the Circular Economy Institute (CEI).

CEC is an international network of the circular economy field, including professionals and organizations with over 280 CEC local clubs
in 140 countries.

 Circular Economy Coalition

Circular Economy Coalition is an international coalition of value-aligned individuals and organisations with Founding Members in over 20 countries collectively advancing the circular economy through shared tools and resources.