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Select all circular tactics you use in your business/organization :
  • Resource Management and Circular Procurement
  • Product Life-Cycle Extension
What is your mission/vision statement?:

Next Hydrogen is a designer and manufacturer of electrolyzers that use water and electricity as inputs to generate clean hydrogen for use as an energy source. 

What is the problem you are trying to solve? :

Emissions reduction in that sectors most difficult to decarbonize: transportation and industrial sectors.

What is your solution? :

Next Hydrogen’s green hydrogen-producing electrolyzers have unique cell design architecture that enables high current density operations and superior dynamic response, allowing efficient conversion of intermittent renewable electricity into green hydrogen on an infrastructure scale. Following successful pilots, Next Hydrogen is scaling up its technology to deliver commercial solutions to decarbonize transportation and industrial sectors.

What is the intended impact you are aiming for? :

One intended impact from our electrolyzer solutions is the displacement significant amounts of carbon emissions from energy-intensive sectors by using hydrogen as a zero-emission energy source that can be produced on-site where it is used. Another potential impact is the enabling of more renewables development with green hydrogen solutions to provide an energy storage medium.

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