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Trail, British Columbia
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Select all circular tactics you use in your business/organization :
  • Resource Management and Circular Procurement
  • Circular Design
  • Functional Approach: Product as Service
  • Product Life-Cycle Extension
  • Responsible Use/Collaborative Consumption (Resource Sharing Platforms)
  • Re-Use: Reverse Logistics / Resource Recovery
  • Re-Use: Remanufacturing / Refurbishing
  • Waste as a Resource / Industrial Symbiosis
What is your mission/vision statement?:

To be leaders in the global circular economy movement by providing a network that local business use to realize the multiple benefits of adopting circular economy practices. The ultimate goal is comprehensive sustainable development through regional adoption of circular economy principles in all local economic sectors.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? :

As a whole Metal Tech Alley strives to alleviate the strain that is put on the companies have with their design for recycling, the traceability of their products, and the educational component of the circular economy.

What is your solution? :

The solution that Metal Tech Alley has to these issues is increasing the education individuals and company's have in regards to the circular economy. The main platform to be used would be through hosting conference. We have already hosted one conference (ICE 2021) and we plan to host more in the future to come. In addition to this we plan to host workshops and circular economy forums to also increase the knowledge on the circular economy. Finally a key component that we believe is significant in bringing change, is gaining the support from significant figures such at Federal representatives to help spread the importance of a circular economy.

What is the intended impact you are aiming for? :

Our indentations is to increase the unique circular economy ecosystem in the West Kootenay's. People hunger to know how they can duplicate what we are doing here in our area and then apply it to their own rule area.

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