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Vancouver, British Columbia
Company Contact Information
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Select all circular tactics you use in your business/organization :
  • Resource Management and Circular Procurement
  • Product Life-Cycle Extension
  • Responsible Use/Collaborative Consumption (Resource Sharing Platforms)
  • Re-Use: Reverse Logistics / Resource Recovery
  • Waste as a Resource / Industrial Symbiosis
What is your mission/vision statement?:

HotBox will have multiple locations for the sustainable and accessible heat treatment for transportable goods and furniture through partnerships with a variety of environmentally and socially minded businesses.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? :

The fear of acquiring bed bugs and similar pests causes useful furniture and soft goods (clothing, toys, etc) to be banned from donations to thrift stores and similar locations, resulting in significant waste in landfills. Many consumers fear the upheaval and financial burden a bedbug infestation would bring to their families and businesses, and therefore avoid purchasing pre-owned items.

What is your solution? :

HotBox will provide heat treatment that kills bed bugs for second-hand furniture and other transportable items for people and organizations in the Greater Vancouver area who are afraid of bringing bed bugs into their home via pre-owned purchases. HotBox will partner with Vancouver locations that have waste heat to create a symbiotic process whereby waste heat will divert into a modified shipping container that can be filled with items in need of heat treatment.

What is the intended impact you are aiming for? :

HotBox addresses two key environmental interactions: unutilized waste heat produced by local businesses, and landfill waste created by the rejection of goods and furniture due to fear of bed bug contamination. By providing a functional application for waste heat, we create a symbiotic relationship with local businesses (businesses may make revenue from rent or partnership with us, or/and may use their action of utilizing their previously wasted heat/energy into a useable resource as a promotion point.) By providing an alternative that is accessible and cost efficient for treating furniture and other items, we will enable individuals and businesses to extend the lifespan of these useful objects.

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