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Richmond Hill, Ontario

Green4Good aims to create social, environmental and economic good by helping businesses manage their End-of-First-Life™ technology via a reuse model to convert technology into cashback, carbon credits, and charitable donations.

The problem was are solving. Year after year, major corporations around the globe are updating their technology resources and disposing of massive amounts of IT hardware. Our current linear model for procuring corporate technology is not sustainable. Our circular economy solution is addressing the environmental intensive process of manufacturing electronic devices and what the UN calls a “Tsunami of e-waste”
Once the device can no longer operate or has become obsolete, 80% of disposed devices will either end up in in landfills as toxic waste, or be shipped overseas where scrap laborers dismantle material without protection from safety laws. Our solution is the Green4Good program is a circular economy solution that turns e-waste into social good while generating verified carbon credits through the refurbishment and resale of IT assets.

Our program helps organizations manage their End-of-First-Life technology by creating a channel to refurbish and resale a large variety of technology. Through the resale channel, we are able to put 92% of collected technology toward reuse as they are securely processed and sold into secondary markets. The remaining 8% of technology that is too damaged for resale is responsibly recycled through local partners resulting in a 0% landfill solution. Green4Good will always prioritize reuse over recycling to minimize the environmental impact.

Our impact is the Green4Good program is looking to find a second home for most aged or unwanted corporate IT asset to reduce the amount of electronic waste that is managed irresponsibly. At the same time, we are creating social good by using the funds generated from the resale and reallocation of technology to donate it towards local charity causes.

As well the Green4Good program partners with local organizations and provides them with refurbished technology so they can continue to provide crucial services and resources to their clients. The Green4Good program is constantly looking for new ways to create charitable good from the collection and resale of unwanted technology.

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